12 Best Beginner workouts no equipment just for you!

If you have been looking for new exercise routines that require no expensive equipment you are in the right place. Probably you are looking for a healthier lifestyle and want to start a new exercise routine and no matter where you look for, you always find something extremely hard or with a lot of expensive equipment. Sometimes you don’t even have time to buy weights that are appropriate for you. But look no further, here are the basic tips.

The fundamental principle of exercise is to occupy some force to stimulate your muscles in an specific way, in a way that you muscle tears a little bit, when your muscle heals, it becomes stronger and more adequate for the type of force you are trying to apply. So weights are a great tool for that, a set mass that your muscles have to lift in some manner applying a force. But we don’t want none of that, we instead will use our own body weight to produce the force that our muscles have to work against. So start thinking about workouts like push-ups or squats. But there are many variants that concentrate on a specific muscle of your body, sometimes based on the movement.  By moving the right muscle many times, even if not applying a great force, you can cause the little tears in your muscle. More specific exercises on the sources below.



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