12 Cute Outfits for Women… you will look awesome!

You’ve seen the movie: Recently single heroine sees ex with new girlfriend in the grocery store. Heroine ducks behind a display of cereal boxes, because being single is a weird, new feeling; it makes you wear your pajamas all day while eating ice cream straight out of the quarter-size container. I’m 90 percent sure this was a scene out of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days … Anyways, these types of situations do happen IRL—like when you happen upon your new boss on your way to Sunday Funday, or are seated next to your frenemy at a mutual acquaintance’s dinner party—and when they do, it’s best to be armed with a cute outfit.


When it comes to choosing a great outfit, there are a lot of options for color. You can’t go wrong with the brightest shades of the rainbow. Floral prints will always be a classic for warmer weather, and light jackets and sweaters will keep you warm and looking good when done right. These combinations will help you pull together just the right look. From the weekend to days in the office, you can feel great and look great while doing it.