12 Vintage Tennis Fashion that will take you out of this time!

These Vintage Tennis Outfits are superb and retro! Maybe you are looking for a classy look for your next match, maybe you want to astonish everyone with a cool retro style this summer. Tennis is a great example of simplistic but elegant fashion, the style is retro and fresh, and somehow it looks modern and elegant, although it is from many years ago. You should try out some of this ideas for your next match or get out this summer.

The key for achieving the retro tennis look is the minimalistic style, you should try bright colors and minimalistic design, also go with lines and pastel colors. Don’t forget to keep it fresh, with materials that breathe and keep you comfortable. Don’t forget the tennis shoes, get ones that look retro and stylish. Also sweaters that have that vintage look are a special touch.



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