12 White Farmhouse Dream Kitchen Designs and Styles!

The kitchen is a really important place at home, is where you spend your cooking times, where you get snacks. Also, it is probably the first place you will want to go in the morning after getting ready to work, to get a nice breakfast, and also probably the last place you´ll visit for a midnight snack. In any case, it is a really great idea to make your kitchen, a unforgettable place, whether for your family of for occasional guests.

These ideas are specifically for white farmhouse kitchens, meaning the key is white, well not exactly, the key is light colors, great illumination, and organization in such a way that your kitchen feels big and spacious. It is a great Idea to have a big window or glass doorway to an outdoor place at home. About the paints, don’t get to flashy colors like orange (unless it is in the actual fruit) or way too dark colors like black, even if its true that black goes with everything, it is not the idea with this style. Brown is your friend when it comes to your details, it gives your space a more natural feel and some contrast (you don’t want your kitchen looking like a matrix simulation, after all).  And all of the furniture and designs are up to you! Be creative, make your own space with these ideas!



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