17 Top Modern Garden Designs to Inspire You

17 Top Modern Garden Designs to Inspire You

The modern garden design is characterized by a simple style straight lines and geometric shapes. There are certain elements that make modern garden design always look classy and tasteful.

Clearly defined spaces are the key to modern garden design. Let the individual areas in the garden using different types of plants, flower pots or material limitations. The clean lines and geometric shapes are particularly important for the modern look of the garden.

To create a beautiful accent in the modern garden, leave the garden path of stepping stones and gravel in place. For the modern garden design, geometric shapes are particularly important. Select springboards with rectangular shapes and create a nice contrast with stepping stones gravel light and darkness. Take a look at the following suggestions for garden path in the garden.

Rather than applying common plants in the garden, choose interesting and exotic plant species. To highlight the modern garden design you place flowers in distinctive and striking colors. For more structure, you can set up a staircase shape of the garden and plant at each stage different types of flowers.

Flower pots with unusual shapes, decorative waterfall, or even an open fire is always an interesting way to highlight certain areas in the garden.

Choose a simple but elegant furniture with modern design. You can not use the typical combination of chairs and garden table. Bed, hammock chair and recliner are also very suitable for the modern patio area unit.