20+ Modern Pool Designs and 3 Things Every Pool Owner Should Know

20+ Modern Pool Designs and 3 Things Every Pool Owner Should Know

Today we present 20 Unbelievable Modern Swimming Pool Designs You’re Going To Fall For. In this new collection, you are going to have the chance to get inspired by fresh and creative designs of modern swimming pools.

But, as buying the perfect pool is something we don’t get much practice at, we’ll give you some useful tips along the way.


Know What’s MOST Important to You about the Pool

Low maintenance? Aethetics? Customization? Warranty? Designability? Play Area? Water Feature Etc, Etc? These are just a few common goals pool shoppers normally have when considering what they want their pool to be. This is why every pool shopper should consider what’s important to them about their pool and then rate these in order before they meet with the pool installer. Trust me when I say that by doing this your ability to focus on the right pool with the right options will be enhanced drastically.

Know What’s MOST Important to You about the Pool Installer

Are you looking for turn-key? Are you solely focused on lowest price? How much do quality and workmanship come into play regarding your decision? These are incredibly important questions that every pool shopper should answer before they meet with a pool guy. In fact, I believe the question of price is maybe the most important question a shopper will ever ask themself. This is because if a consumer is solely price-motivated then they likely don’t even need to have a bunch of pool guys come to their home for estimates. And to be honest, I’ve had pool shoppers tell me their biggest concern was getting the lowest price to which I responded we probably weren’t the company for them. I say this because it is impossible to be the lowest priced guy and give the best workmanship and quality. The whole idea is contradictory and simply not feasible when running a business.

Over the years, I’ve given well over 1000 swimming pool estimates and on most of these, our company was the middle or top guy in terms of how much the quote was. Notwithstanding, I’ve also witnessed roughly 60% or so of the pool companies I’ve competed with go out of business during this time. Fact is companies must make a profit in order to establish longevity and be able to offer great service down the road. So please consider these questions as you shop for your swimming pool. Write down your priorities and let these priorities be your compass as you seek to find the best pool installer for you and your family.

Know the General Difference Between Vinyl, Concrete, and Fiberglass

I find in general that the internet is much less biased than pool guys when it comes to explaining the pros and cons to different types of pools. Personally, and anyone who has dealt with me can attest to this, I try not to be ‘that guy’. Despite the fact that my company only sells and installs fiberglass swimming pools, that doesn’t mean I haven’t told people before that we simply didn’t have a product to fit their needs. Fact is, fiberglass, although it fits the needs of most consumers, isn’t for everyone.

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