Best sensitive teeth remedies

Best sensitive teeth remedies

You know that feeling, you bite down on a hot, cold, sweet or sour food, only to experience a sudden sharp, jolting pain shooting deep into the nerve endings of your tooth – that’s known as tooth sensitivity.

1. Coconut Oil Pulling

Most of us are aware by now of the many different health benefits of coconut oil, but few realize just how great it can be for oral health too – not only can it be used to remove bacteria, promote healthy teeth and gums, and help teeth become less sensitive, but it can make your teeth whiter and brighter.


2. Salt Water Rinse

Salt water can also help relieve tooth sensitivity fast. It not only improves the pH balance of the mouth to create a more alkaline environment in which harmful bacteria are unable to survive, it’s a natural antiseptic to reduce plaque buildup, delivering what you might call a special two-for-one deal.


3. Essential Oils


There are a number of essential oils that can be used to improve the health of teeth and gums while decreasing sensitivity, but the top 3 most powerful are peppermint, clove, and cinnamon essential oil.


4. Guava Leaves

Most of us are aware of the health benefits guava fruit can offer, but few realize that guava leaves provide multiple medicinal properties.


5. Garlic

While garlic isn’t going to do your breath any favors, it offers a number of compounds that are beneficial to oral, and overall, health, including allicin, a powerful antibacterial agent and a natural anesthetic.


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