Easy and Quick Snacks for a Party

Easy and Quick Snacks for a Party




Brie On Bread



BOBs (aka Brie On Bread)

Baguette, sliced

Brie, sliced

Garlic Salt

Fresh cracked pepper


Place sliced brie on bread pieces. Sprinkle with garlic salt and pepper. Broil on baking sheet until cheese just bubbles and things start browning (don’t cook too long or brie will be unrecognizable).

Jane’s gourmet twist (if you want to make things harder on yourself): Brush baguette slices with a bit of fresh garlic-infused olive oil instead of using garlic salt. Then sprinkle with pepper AND regular salt.


Fast Feta Spread


Fried Ravioli


Skinny Banana Nutella Dip


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Featured Recipe: BOBs (brie on bread)