How to Apply Concealer

How to Apply Concealer


1. Prep The Area

As you likely know, the skin around your eyes is some of your most delicate. That’s why it’s important to keep the area hydrated.

2. Matching 101

The fact is sometimes you’re going to need more than one concealer. “The concealer you use to hide undereye darkness is not the same concealer you use to hide a blemish,”

3. Texture Tutorial

Here’s something you may not have thought about: your concealer’s texture is, in fact, as important as its shade. If you apply concealer to an otherwise bare face, despite how perfect a color match it may be, an emollient pigment right atop the spot you want to hide can essentially “highlight the blemish to anyone looking at you in natural light,”

4. Emergency Response

Covering a large raised spot? Use a shade just a touch lighter than your skin tone at the bottom of the offending spot — this little hack tricks the eye of the onlooker, Denno explains. “If you think in terms of painting, using a light shade brings the eye forward, while dark causes recession.

5. Don’t Flake

When we spot-treat pimples, the products we use tend to dry out the skin surrounding the blemish as well. You probably know what we’re talking about — while the worst of the pimple’s lifecycle is over, you’re left with flaky, red, inflamed skin.

6. Be Precise

Katey recommends a “super tiny brush,” which you can even find at your local art store. Practice covering spots to see what level heaviness gives you the coverage level you’re looking for.