How to Build a Shipping Container Swimming Pool

How to Build a Shipping Container Swimming Pool

If you’re looking for a unique way to create a one of a kind swimming pool on your property, have you considered a modified shipping container? At around 2.4m in height and width, and anywhere from 6-12m in length, a converted shipping container can be an easy solution for a portable, plug and play swimming pool. Here are some recommendations for your next pool:



First get planning permission from your local council and investigate any regulations regarding depth, fencing and any other things that might get in the way of the construction of your shipping container swimming pool. It’s far better to get these out of the way before you start construction than to be stuck with a 40 foot modified shipping container that isn’t full of people having fun in the water!

You’ll probably want someone with a structural engineering background on hand to help out with planning as well. Water can be, well… quite heavy! You’ll want to ensure that the container is strengthened to hold all that extra weight that is pushing out from the inside, as containers are designed to hold their weight on the base and corners of the structure. They will be able to give you the advice that you require to ensure that your new pool is strong and built to last.


You are going to need to decide on the height of your modified shipping container swimming pool. For many people a whole 2.4 metres in depth will probably be too much. Work out the depth that you require and cut to size. You’ll want to have a lip around the edge that covers any sharp edges, as well as reinforcing the structure of the container.


Next up you are going to have to make the container watertight. While containers are designed to be watertight from the outside, they generally aren’t designed to hold water on the inside. Shipping containers are generally lined with plywood which isn’t the best at holding water, so you’ll need to add an extra layer to keep your pool full. Generally this is done by watertight welding and an additional layer of steel on the inside of the container, before rust treating and painting both the inside and outside of the container.



Add the plumbing such as pumps, filters and intake pipes and you are almost ready to go. Talk to your local pool company about the best way to do this in your area, taking into account power supply (for the pumps), drainage and water supply.

Once you have made taken all of this in consideration, its just a matter of  installing and you are ready to go.


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  1. Hola, es una idea fantástica, pero mi intención es un futuro proyecto de casa de campo realizada también con contenedores.
    Ustedes diseñan también este tipo de construcciones ?
    Si lo hacen me gustaría poder acceder a ciertos modelos, y si no lo trabajan me vendría bien saber donde encontrarlos.
    Gracias y saludos cordiales.