Shipping Container Sheds: The perfect option for your garden

Shipping Container Sheds: The perfect option for your garden

It’s in our DNA, a man and his shed. It doesn’t matter where you are, the minute a man has a bit of space to call his own, he’s going to want a shed. His own personal retreat in the backyard to be among tools and half finished projects, that place where he can enjoy solace from the busy, crazy world outside, and just get on with “things”.


You can go the simple route and head on down to your local home improvement store and pick up a small kitset shed and be done with it, but where’s the fun in that? Blokes who are serious about their sheds think big, shipping container big.

Shipping container? Yes. The Steel Blocks used to send massive amounts of products, or big products that cannot be sent on a regular mail. This Shipping containers are used for industry, but are also available to the public, if you know where to find them. There are usually 20ft to 40ft containers on the market, If you are interested in a serious invesment.

Here are some of the best shipping container sheds around the world.

#1. Mike Corvi’s Backyard Retreat

While not in Australia, this American blokes shed was inspired by shipping container housing in the Northern Territory. Utilising a 20 foot shipping container, Mike has added a glass door and front porch where the awning has been constructed from scrap steel cut from the container itself. He’s added wood paneling on the inside, insulation and a full electrical fit out – not bad for a shed in the backyard.

#2. 10 Foot Shipping Containers as an Alternative to Tuff Sheds

According to the International Steel Building Units & Container Homes website, 10 foot shipping containers make an ideal alternative to popular “Tuff Sheds”. Claiming that for a similar price you can add wooden panels and a roof, but end up with a far easier to transport, secure backyard shed alternative. We tend to agree!

#3. Wood Panelled Garden Shed

We don’t know the background to this particular shed, but we absolutely love the concept. Simply take a standard 20 foot shipping container and cover it with split wood cladding allowing it to weather and fit in with the natural surroundings. It looks great!

#4. Shipping Container Barn

Ok, so this is on the extreme end of shed building, but we couldn’t resist taking a look at this. It’s a huge barn constructed from a mixture of traditional corrugated iron and four stacked 40 foot long shipping containers. It sure makes construction easy, simply stack the four containers and you have the skeleton of the building. Add in supporting beams, roofing and fill in the gaps. A simple way to quickly and cost effectively build a huge structure.

#5. Shipping Container Shed and Carport

This clever design spotted on Pinterest shows how easy it is to build a simple carport with a whole load of storage. They’ve taken two 20 foot standard shipping containers, and added a simple carport roof – available from local companies such as ezyframe.  We imagine that this could be built quickly in a day, giving you storage for large vehicles, though a shed like this could easily be improved by customising the shipping containers with roller or sliding doors, windows and an electrical fit out to create a fully functioning workshop as well.

#6. Grasmere School Garden Shed

Grasmere School is a primary school based in Victoria that has their very own vegetable garden for students. After they’d finished their hard work students needed somewhere to store all their tools, and most importantly their individual gardening gloves, seeds and gardening supplies. What better way than utilising a second hand 20 foot shipping container. We think it does the job perfectly.