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  • 24 Best womens pants for work!

    Work ahead! thankfully we have the outfits you need. Pants in the working environment will give you the confident look, the confort and the versatility you need to keep up with the working schedule. Pants can be used in many different combos to create different aspects for different moments, if it is casual Friday or […]

  • 12 Office Desk Redo Ideas for you to renovate your Work space!

    Your office is the place where you pour out your brain and your ideas, and many times hour very heart and soul, for a purpose. So, it is a very important place in everyday life. And the center point of your office is your desk. It is always better to have a neat desk for […]

  • The Basics of Office Buildings

    In the words of office design consultant and author Francis Duffy, “The office building is one of the great icons of the twentieth century. Office towers dominate the skylines of cities in every continent… [As] the most visible index of economic activity, of social, technological, and financial progress, they have come to symbolize much of […]

  • Shipping Container Offices – The Perfect Workplace

    Shipping Container Offices – The Perfect Workplace

    Is your business expanding? Quality, scalable office space can be hard to find and most businesses simply don’t have the time for a costly office move that interrupts day to day business.  Shipping containers on the other hand can be utilized to provide additional home or business office space that is cost effective, quick to construct […]