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  • 12 Cute Outfits for Women… you will look awesome!

    You’ve seen the movie: Recently single heroine sees ex with new girlfriend in the grocery store. Heroine ducks behind a display of cereal boxes, because being single is a weird, new feeling; it makes you wear your pajamas all day while eating ice cream straight out of the quarter-size container. I’m 90 percent sure this […]

  • 12 Winter Tennis Outfits for Women you will totally love!

    The weather should stop nobody from having a great workout, if its hot outside it shouldn’t stop you, if it is cold outside shouldn’t stop you. That’s why on winter it is super important to have appropriate clothing for the weather. So, you get the best out of your training. Here are for you Winter […]

  • Equestrian fashion for Women

    Equestrian fashion for Women

    Your reflection in the mirror says it all: Your show clothes have seen better days. They look a bit worn and don’t fit as well as they used to. They’re in serious need of updating before you and your horse next compete. The surest remedy for the situation? Head to a tack shop that you […]

  • Keep Warm with the 7 best Thermal Underwear for women

    The key to getting through the cold months is simple: layering. If you plan on leaving the house at any point, you’ll want the best thermal underwear for women that you can find — ones that keep you warm and don’t make you feel like you’re wrapped in wads of gauze whenever you put pants on over […]

  • The best snowboards for adventurous women

    The best snowboards for adventurous women

    In truth, snowboards aren’t split firmly along gender lines. What we often call men’s boards would be better described as unisex – if it’s the right size, shape and flex for you, then it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. That being said, the majority of snowboard companies offer a range of […]

  • The 7 best raincoats to rock the rain!

    The 7 best raincoats to rock the rain!

    You’re accomplishing your fitness goals by getting outside each day by walking, running, hiking and beyond, but when the weather turns it can really put a damper on your workout routine. But, with the right raincoat, you can still get outside and exercise while staying dry and comfortable. The key to choosing the right coat […]