The 10 Best Bed Trays You Can get on Amazon!

The 10 Best Bed Trays You Can get on Amazon!

Nothing is quite as decadent as enjoying breakfast in bed. But to do it properly, you have to make sure you’re not left cleaning spilled coffee and cereal off your sheets afterward. Try one of these bed trays next time you want to spoil yourself or your significant other. They’ll keep everything safe and stable, and are also excellent for reading or using a laptop, too.

10. BirdRock Home Wooden Lap Desk

A versatile selection, the BirdRock Home Wooden Lap Desk comes with legs that can easily fold away when not in use, which makes storage a breeze. It also has an attractive finish that will fit in nicely with a variety of decor styles.
  • handles are easy to grip
  • surface is large
  • legs don’t lock

9. Acacia Collection Oversized

The minimalist Acacia Collection Oversized from Lipper International is an obvious choice for anyone who loves to entertain. Constructed from durable acacia wood, this thoughtfully designed piece will assist you in avoiding unwanted messes.
  • reversible for multiple uses
  • comfortable handles
  • not as stable as other models

8. Sofia + Sam Multi Tasking

The elegant Sofia + Sam Multi Tasking offers a convenient working or eating station in the comfort of your bedroom. It adjusts so you never have to strain to reach your food or laptop, and also comes with a handy drawer for supplies.
  • two finishes to choose from
  • left-handed version available
  • hardware can become loose

7. Welland Cushion Padded

Practical and vibrant, the Welland Cushion Padded is the ideal solution for eating, reading, or working on the go. The unique bean bag base offers flexibility and comfort no matter where you are, and at 16 inches in width, it’s a more portable option than some.
  • comes in several bold patterns
  • great for dorm rooms
  • will not support larger laptops

6. Bare Decor Coco

The Bare Decor Coco is a gorgeous pick for enjoying meals in bed, on the sofa, or outside on the patio. Made from sturdy teak wood, it’s built to last and can withstand frequent use. You’ll never have to eat over the kitchen sink again.
  • slats help combat moisture
  • not prone to warping
  • quite expensive

5. Songmics Tilting Top

Finely crafted from bamboo, the Songmics Tilting Top is an all-in-one must-have for the modern age. The USB fan is a novel and extremely useful feature that will keep your electronics cool. Plus, its magnetized drawer is guaranteed to stay put.
  • adjustable legs
  • groove keeps cups in place
  • pleasing appearance

4. Winsome Wood Sedona

The Winsome Wood Sedona boasts a classy design in a rich finish that will make you feel like royalty. It’s a wonderful tool for serving your favorite breakfast in bed thanks to large handles that ensure a secure hold when carrying it.
  • generously sized
  • legs fold in smoothly
  • wipes clean easily

3. Francois et Mimi Multi-Position

If you love products made from natural materials, look no further than the Francois et Mimi Multi-Position. This environmentally friendly pick is constructed from thick bamboo, which resists moisture and inhibits the growth of bacteria.
  • over 21 inches wide
  • no assembly required
  • contemporary shape

2. Winsome Wood

The Winsome Wood is a sensible home accessory at a seriously reasonable price. Its melamine surface isn’t porous and can be cleaned quickly using a cloth, so you don’t have to worry about this one absorbing odors or stains.
  • lightweight and portable
  • wooden lip stops items falling off
  • nearly 14 inches wide

1. MyGift Clear Acrylic

Express your sense of style with the MyGift Clear Acrylic. This sophisticated option offers the convenience and luxury of eating in bed without being visually obtrusive. And the integrated cutout handles make it easy to lift.
  • smooth and sleek
  • high-quality construction
  • doubles as a display platform