The 10 Best Blackout Curtains to Buy Online

The 10 Best Blackout Curtains to Buy Online

The last thing you need when you’re trying to catch up on sleep over the weekend is an early morning wake-up call courtesy of blinding sunlight. These blackout curtains are a nice solution. Many offer thermal insulating and acoustic deadening properties as well, which makes them useful for night shift workers who need to get some shut-eye when everyone else is up and about during the day.

Here are the best Blackout Curtains on the market today:

10. GoodGram Alexander

Each order of the GoodGram Alexander comes with two heavy-duty woven grommet curtain panels that provide a total of 76 inches of cover. They won’t block out the light 100 percent, but they effectively darkensthe room and provide noticeable insulation.

9. MySky Home Solid

The basic MySky Home Solid is offered in a wide palette of vibrant colors to match virtually any decor. This high-quality polyester panel has a microfiber thermal coating and, since it doesn’t need a liner, it allows the curtain to be the same color on both sides.

8. Utopia Bedding Drape

The versatile Utopia Bedding Drape sports a classic trellis design with a neutral tone that will pair nicely with modern or traditionally furnished rooms and look equally at home complementing masculine or feminine decor. The antique style grommets make it easy to hang.

7. Deconovo Darkening

With three size options and plenty of distinctive designs to choose from, the Deconovo Darkening can be used in just about any space, from stylish master bedrooms to college dorm rooms. Each panel features six silver grommets.

6. Amazlinen Set

 The insulation of the Amazlinen Set can help you save on energy costs and features a soft, eco-friendly finish that is nontoxic. The dark colors block up to 98 percent of light, but because there is no liner, the lighter colors only block about 85 percent of the sunlight.

5. Nicetown Solid

Made from a heavy-duty, super-soft fabric, the Nicetown Solid is interwoven with a tough microfiber top layer and high-density black yarn to effectively prevent light from entering the room. It helps protect your furniture and artwork from the sun.

4. Utopia Bedding Grommet Top

Offering reliable privacy with a touch of grace, the Utopia Bedding Grommet Top reduce noise and minimize light as they bolsters the character of the room. Rich in color, these curtains absorb UV rays to prevent them from brightening your space.

3. H.Versailtex Traditional

Available in various size combinations and color schemes, the H.Versailtex Traditional can be cleaned in the washing machine for easy maintenance. It’s simple to install and offers a smooth slide with standard or decorative curtain poles.

2. Best Home Fashion Colorblock

The Best Home Fashion Colorblock features an innovative triple-weave fabric that provides thermal insulating qualities without requiring a liner. This lightweight option will look its best in a contemporary space that needs insulation.

1. Half Price Drapes

The jeweled tones of the Half Price Drapes will provide a warm and dramatic accent to your windows. They are lined with a heavy, energy-saving cotton flannel and an ivory backing. The 12 decadent colors available feature a shimmery, high-sheen finish.