The 10 Best Ceiling Tiles To Buy on Amazon

The 10 Best Ceiling Tiles To Buy on Amazon

Though they’re an often overlooked aspect of home renovation projects, ceiling tiles are a great way to add character to a room and further personalize your space. Depending on your needs, there are plenty of materials to choose from — such as metal, tin, plastic and Styrofoam — and models that come in a variety of sizes, colors, patterns and levels of thickness. Here are some of the best Ceiling Tiles to decorate your rooms.

10. Global Specialty 204

All you need to get started installing the Global Specialty 204 is a pair of scissors, some glue and a tape measure. More functional than decorative, they will make a solid addition to your home, your garage or even a retail space.

  • can be glued to most surfaces
  • are easy to paint
  • panels are extremely thin

9. Armstrong Acoustical

Designed to reduce noise and echoes, the Armstrong Acoustical are basic panels at five-eighths of an inch thick. They are safe for use in rooms where the temperature is kept somewhere between 32 and 120 degrees — so basically, no freezers or saunas.
  • 24 inches by 24 inches each
  • 16 tiles per pack
  • brackets and screws not included

8. USG Tivoli

While not particularly homey or inviting, the textured surface of the USG Tivoli strikes the right chord in a basement or a more commercial setting. They help enhance the acoustics of the room, and they are compatible with most adhesives for ease of installation.

  • built with strong wood fiber
  • made in the united states
  • rough edges can be tough to join

7. Genesis Classic

Manufactured with durable PVC, the Genesis Classic should hold down the fort for the long haul. They are professional-looking, making them a solid option for commercial facilities, like restaurant kitchens, schools, and medical offices.

  • not susceptible to mold and mildew
  • 3 sizes available
  • not the most stylish option

6. Antique Astana

While some models aren’t compatible with popcorn ceilings, you’ll have no problem at all installing the Antique Astana to any such surface. These fashionable tiles are lightweight and easy to handle as well, making them a really nice value compared to some other options.

  • resistant to moisture and humidity
  • made from flexible styrofoam
  • fragile and easy to break

5. Antique Anet

If an appealing aesthetic is your main objective, the Antique Anet have an elegant look that may suit your needs. They look more pricey than they are, and you can always paint them a different color to match the decor of the room.

  • smooth easy-to-clean surfaces
  • very lightweight and maneuverable
  • installation does not take long

4. Genesis Stucco

Durable and practical, the Genesis Stucco effectively withstand humidity and will help prolong the life of your ceiling. They are easy to cut with a razor or utility knife, which takes some more of the pain out of an already simple installation process.

  • sleek black or white finish
  • resilient waterproof surface
  • comes with a 25-year warranty

3. Fasade Bermuda

With a classic design reminiscent of the Victorian era, the Fasade Bermuda catch the light and projects a warm glow across the surrounding area. You can order two-foot by four-foot tiles, a 48-inch trim panel, or a small sample.

  • wide variety of color options
  • highly corrosion-resistant
  • look nice as a backsplash

2. American Tin Nail

If you use the American Tin Nail to deck out your dining room, you can reasonably expect your dinner guests to compliment you on your sense of style. Plus, if you need to do a little customization, you can use a table saw or disc grinder to cut each one to size.

  • choose from 6 finishes
  • attractive floral pattern
  • do not tend to rust

1. Antique Majesty

Not only are the Antique Majesty among the most ornamental, elegant ceiling panels available today, but they are also compatible with virtually any method of installation. They can be nailed on, attached with an adhesive, or installed via a drop-in grid system.

  • easy to cut with scissors
  • do not stain easily
  • pvc is resistant to fire