The 10 Best Garden Gnomes To buy on Amazon!

The 10 Best Garden Gnomes To buy on Amazon!

Brighten up your garden or patio with one of these whimsical and colorful garden gnomes (which may or may not come to life after dark). We’ve included the classic styles as well as some more unusual and cheeky choices, too. Here are the best picks we have found:

10. Echo Valley Hiking Gnome

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Brighten your outdoor space and make it more lively with the charming and eye-catching Echo Valley Hiking Gnome. It has a solar powered LED light that automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn.

  • has the classic gnome look
  • somewhat overpriced considering the size
  • paint fades quickly

9. Gen RR Sleeping Gnome

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The Gen RR Sleeping Gnome looks so peaceful, he may encourage you to sprawl out in your garden and take a nap, too. It has a solar powered light inside the mushroom he rests his head on, giving it a pleasant glow at night.
  • light keeps a charge all night long
  • feels cheaply made
  • doesn’t stand up to heavy rains well

8. Gifts & Decor Gnome Greeting

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The Gifts & Decor Gnome Greeting is the perfect way to welcome guests to your home. He will add some storybook charm to your yard as he lounges on a bench next to a bag of fruit with a friendly squirrel.
  • has a warm face with rosy cheeks
  • bigger than most other gnomes at 14″
  • very fragile and breaks easily

7. Thumbs Up! Zombie

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The Thumbs Up! Zombie makes a great conversation starter, and is the perfect way to give your other garden gnomes the scare of their life. It is made of handcrafted terracotta, and is also available as a zombie crawler.
  • weather-resistant paint won’t fade
  • won’t blow over like lightweight plastic
  • not very detailed

6. Forever Collectibles NFL Team Gnome

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The Forever Collectibles NFL Team Gnome is a great gift for the football lovers in your life. He is 11.5 inches tall and comes in eleven popular team colors. It is officially licensed by the NFL and has a raised logo. It’s heavy enough to withstand uneven terrain.
  • durable composite construction
  • holds tiny football and walk staff
  • doesn’t look exactly as pictured

5. Cody the Gnome

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Cody the Gnome Reading Phone on the Throne will brighten up your day as you glance out your window and see him sitting on his throne catching up on the daily news. He also makes a great bathroom decoration, if you want some company.

  • lightweight and easy to move
  • has bright vivid colors
  • can’t be left outdoors in freezing temps

4. Zombie Survivor

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Bring the battle to the undead with the highly-skilled Zombie Survivor. There’s no apocalypse this guy can’t handle as he prowls your garden with an ax in hand and a scowl on his face, waiting for the next zombie attack.

  • has a red hat so birds don’t attack
  • great for the home, office and garden
  • on the small side at just 6″ tall

3. Caught with His Pants Down

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The Caught with His Pants Down adds a comical feel to any outdoor space. It will create a moment of surprise as your guests see this little guy with an innocent look on his face as he pees on your favorite flower.

  • completely hand painted
  • makes a great gag gift
  • face has very lifelike details

2. Great Garden Gnome Massacre

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The Great Garden Gnome Massacre is a great way to send a clear message to those pesky gnomes and let them know to stay out of your garden. It is a cast resin T-Rex dinosaur with a taste for garden gnome flesh.

  • same size as a standard garden gnome
  • easily withstands the elements
  • well made and expertly painted

1. Toscano Zen

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Stop sweating the small stuff and chill out with the whimsically designed Toscano Zen. He has a bird peeking out of his beard as he sits in meditation to help add a sense of calm to your garden.

  • hand painted in fanciful hues
  • design toscano exclusive
  • cast in quality resin