The 8 best swiss army watches for men

You may recognize Victorinox as one of the brands to popularize and manufacture Swiss Army Knives. In fact, they were one of two original brands – alongside Wenger – to get the original contract to build these official military tools. And they’re still going strong, having actually acquired Wenger in a 2005 merger, and are now the sole manufacturer of these lauded everyday carry accessories. What you may not know, however, is that they participate in another long-running Swiss tradition: watchmaking.

While any cursory internet search could tell you that Victorinox offers a wide variety of watches, it’s much harder to tell which ones stand out from the crowd. And though that might be because all of their offerings are worthy of recognition, it’s also true that some are better than others. Because that’s just how it is. Fortunately, we’ve done the legwork and compiled a collection of the best Victorinox watches available to purchase right now. Whether you want your wrist adorned with Swiss horological excellence or you just know you want a timepiece from a brand you can trust, any of the following are exceptional choices.


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Paired with a durable buckle-closure nylon band, this classic format analog watch has all your timekeeping bases covered. And it does so in style. Featuring an always-handsome black and white facade, both 12 and 24-hour markings, and a 3 o’clock date window, this stainless steel watch is a perfect EDC accessory. And it has a water resistance of up to 100 meters, so you never have to worry about it getting a little wet.


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The I.N.O.X. series are the watches offered by Victorinox which are the most suited to an adventurous lifestyle. They’re reliable, durable, and still look good, as well. This Army green offering features a classic analog display, a date window, water resistance up to 200 meters, and a versatile rubber band. And the fact that it is fitted with an anti-reflective sapphire display crystal and luminous markers ensures that you’ll be able to read it at both high noon and midnight.


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A touch on both the more masculine and more refined side, this fully-functional chronograph is as durable as it is handsome. Between the steel case and band, protected crown, beefy black bezel, and anti-reflective sapphire crystal dial window, this dress-style watch is more like a sports watch in disguise. And while you could wear it out surfing, it also wouldn’t look out of place if you’re smoking cigars with work colleagues.


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Beefier than some of its counterparts, this 43mm stainless steel case watch is no less a strikingly good looking accessory. From the contrast stitched brown leather band, to the unidirectional bezel (with elapsed time functionality), to the protected crown, this wristwatch is as fine as Swiss engineering comes. And its looks are just another testament to the dependable quartz movement housed within.


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While it may look a bit more refined than would seem appropriate for the battlefield, this watch is still tough enough to bear the ‘Infantry’ name. And that’s in part because it offers up both shock and shatter resistance – in conjunction with being resistant to water. It also features a 12-hour dial with 24-hour bezel markings, a date window, and a GMT feature – so you can keep time across two different time zones. If you need toughness in your EDC loadout, you should certainly consider this one.


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Boasting an unmistakable and always-in-style classic color scheme, this dress watch is deceptively comprehensive. Not only does it feature all the normal trappings of a fully-functional chronograph, but it also has an elapsed time bezel and a tachymeter. But even if you don’t take advantage of this watch’s litany of uses, this is still an incredibly good-looking timepiece for any occasion.



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If you want something refined, but that still speaks to the tactician in you, you might want to have a gander at this quartz movement equipped offering. The black dial and bezel pair beautifully with the stainless steel case and band, but this watch goes far deeper than just looks. It offers chronograph functions so accurate and precise, you can measure time at up to 1/10th of a second. It also features a tachymeter on the bezel, a 60- and 30-second countdown timer, and a scratch resistant sapphire crystal.


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Nothing shy of gorgeous and impressive, this AirBoss is something to be revered. It features an incredibly reliable automatic Swiss movement that keeps it functioning day-in and day-out. And not just the dial, but the chronographic functions, too. That includes 12-hour, 60 minute, and 30 minute timers. And a date window. You could even take it snorkeling, if that strikes your fancy, because it is water resistant up to 330 feet. Though, if you couldn’t tell from the tachymeter and its name, this watch was meant for the skies.