The Best Bonsai Trees Models You Can Buy Online

The Best Bonsai Trees Models You Can Buy Online

Enjoy the calming and meditative air that one of these bonsai trees will lend to any room. We’ve included kits for you to start your own, as well as some that have been already cultivated to give you a head start. We’ve even dropped in a couple of artificial ones for those who don’t have a green thumb.

Bonsai Tree on Rocks Aquarium

The Penn Plax Bonsai Tree on Rocks Aquarium decor will bring a sense of Zen to your fish. This underwater decorative item is suitable for fresh or salt water aquariums, and features holes though which fish can swim.

  • made of sturdy resin
  • fragile and prone to breaking
  • unpleasant initial odor

Artificial Japanese Cedar Bonsai Tree

The branches and leaves on this 9-inch tall Artificial Japanese Cedar Bonsai Tree from T-Trove look great whether seen from a distance or close up, and it will always look as lovely, because plastic plants don’t age or die.

  • lends a calming air to any space
  • lightweight and easy to move around
  • trunk looks a bit fake

DT2101GMJ Green Mound Juniper Bonsai

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A Brussel’s Bonsai DT2101GMJ Green Mound Juniper Bonsai is about three years old when you get it, and it should live on for decades, or even generations, more with proper care. The tree is about 9 inches tall at delivery.

  • elegantly curved trunk
  • great price for healthy tree
  • can’t be shipped to ca, hi, or ak

Cherry Blossom Silk Bonsai

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The Nearly Natural 4764 Cherry Blossom Silk Bonsai tree looks as lovely as any living tree you’ll ever see, but requires no water and no maintenance of any kind, as it’s in fact artificial. Cherry blossoms inspire calm reflection.

  • varied pastel colors
  • symbolizes the botanical beauty of japan
  • looks fake on very close inspection

Plant Theatre Bonsai Trio Kit

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With the Plant Theatre Bonsai Trio Kit, you can grow a forest of your very own bonsai trees. The set comes with three different types of seeds and has six growing pots, six peat blocks, and six propagator bags.

  • great gift for horticulture enthusiast
  • includes birch, maple, and pine seeds
  • great reviews from users

Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree

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This Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree from 9GreenBox is a wonderful example of what a patient gardener can do with the right tree. It arrives to you after already having been cared for and nurtured for almost an entire decade.

  • stands 10″ to 12″ on delivery
  • ceramic vase comes included
  • excellent branching characteristics